Monday, 2 June 2014


To interact with the database and work with the tables in a database, one need to use Structured Query Language (SQL) which includes features on defining structure of the data, for modifying data in the database and for specifying security constraints. But it is not possible for everyone to learn MySQL or any other query language.
The project entitled ‘Graphical user interface for MySQL (Enhanced)’ is aimed at providing a user friendly and single interface for working with different RDBMS like MySQL.

The project is developed keeping in mind that the user has no knowledge of any structural query language.
The main objective of the system is to enable a user work with the databases and tables in a RDBMS even if he/she doesn’t know how to use any SQL.
The project is aimed at accomplishing the following:
•           Create tables.
•           Add data to the tables.
•           Display tables in a form format.
•           Perform queries, without actually using SQL.
•           Import and save tables in .xls format.
•           Make changes to the table form, and upload it to the database.

 This project has been developed by Tanuj Dhaundiyal(9910103409), student of JIIT Noida, Sector-128, of F1 batch.
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